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Platform is a development management company that oversees the delivery of construction projects. The team has acted as a Development Director for a mixed-use project at More London and oversaw the previous scheme for 90 Long Acre that was granted planning permission in 2016.

Planning permission was granted in early 2021.

Lendlease will work in accordance with their approved Section 60/61, SEMP Document and the latest industry best practices.

For any deliveries of large plant which would require to be transported under a permit they will apply for an Out of Hours request and once agreed all relevant parties will be informed including any sensitive receptors.

No operations will take place on Sundays & Bank and Public Holidays (with exception to Tower Crane Erection)

Site personnel will work to approved method statements and to be briefed and Daily Activity Briefings (DABs) to take place before every work shift and BPM measures will be mentioned and enforced during the work shift.

Site personnel will receive tool box talks about sensitive NVD elements to this project.

Regular attended and continuous semi permanent NVD monitoring is currently in place. This will send alerts to site management if any agreed levels are exceeded and the required action will be taken – this information will be made available on requests – and our weekly NVD reports will also contain this information and be issued for review on a regular basis.

The site will be surrounded by the appropriate hoarding to provide acoustic screen and minimise the noise emissions to the surrounding area – we will also employ BPM measures at the work face including acoustic blankets etc.

All the vehicle site gates will be controlled by competent traffic marshals thus keeping to a minimum the amount of time the gates or open for vehicle access and therefore minimise the stray of noise to the surrounding area.

Deliveries shall be pre booked to minimise the effect and congestion to the surrounding environment.

All plant used on site will comply with the noise limits quoted in the directive 2000/14/EC/United Kingdom Statutory Instruments (S) 2001/1701 – all plant  will work to the NRMM system in place with WCC and we will be audited on  this on a regular basis.

Plant and equipment will be maintained in good working order, including regular services to minimise noise emissions.

When reasonably practicable, effective exhaust silencers will be fitted to the diesel or petrol driven plant.

Machines to be turned off when not working.

All works will be undertaken as detailed in the WCC approved EMP.

Best Practical Means and BS5228 will be always adhered to.

Through the construction Process, Lendlease will look to host regular virtual community liaison ‘drop in surgeries’ which will act as an opportunity to discuss any individual queries relating to the works with the project team. If however, you have a more urgent issue you would like to raise, you may contact:

James Bebb – Senior Project Manager – – 07704 146 956

Dave Shutt – Construction Director – – 07834 250 287

Charlene Sargeant – Social Value Manager – – 07918 740 880


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