The current building does not meet the needs or expectations of modern office occupants, is compromised by a series of internal pinch-points, is in need of investment and fails to contribute to the wider Covent Garden district.

Current Site


The site has an existing permission from 2016 to demolish the entire building and create a mixed use development comprising of a ground-floor plus seven-storey office building on Long Acre and a ground-floor plus eleven-storey residential building on Shelton Street. Retail space was proposed to activate the ground-floor frontages.


Having reviewed the existing permission, we are now proposing to extend the working life of the building by retaining the existing structure whilst undertaking a significant transformational repositioning of the site. Not only is this a more sustainable approach to the development, it will be less disruptive and intrusive, with a shorter build time compared to the existing permission.

Therefore, we proposing to redevelop and reposition 90 Long Acre to create a high-quality, sustainable office building which will meet the needs of modern office occupiers. The proposals will improve the public realm around the site and a number of non-office uses (retail, cafe, restaurant, fitness/health and wellbeing) will activate the street frontages.

Perspective Elevation
Proposed Corner

As part of the approach to revitalise the site, the centre of the building becomes a publicly accessible ‘heart’ that provides new amenity space for occupants, neighbours and visitors to the area. The heart of the site provides a mix of uses, potentially evolving throughout the day.

The proposals introduce new infills to the existing recesses on Endell Street and Long Acre and replace the existing façade to the block facing Dryden Street with a new more transparent facade. The scheme also proposes to demolish and rebuild the corner block of Long Acre and Endell Street, delivering a more contextual corner block that responds better to its surroundings and doubles the pavement width that is presently very restricted. The proposals follow and reflect the historic and established townhouse character of the area.

Our new proposals will include:


Refurbishing and repositioning the existing building by introducing new infills and two extensions onto Endell Street and Long Acre.


Refurbishing and delivering additional high-quality, sustainable office space that meets the requirements of modern office occupiers


Non-office accommodation that will activate the ground floor frontages with a number of flexible uses (retail, cafe, restaurant, fitness/health and wellbeing)


Improving the public realm around the site, particularly on the corner of Long Acre and Endell Street


Increasing the permeability of the building by opening up the centre of the building establishing a new heart for the site and recreating the memory of the historic Wilson Street route


Delivering new office terrace space to provide amenity space for office occupants, with the terraces appropriately screened and restricted on hours to safeguard residential amenity


Providing a more sustainable development by retaining 80% of the existing building footprint


Providing a building which makes use of the latest building technology and passive design elements to go beyond current sustainability targets


Our planning application has now been submitted and validated by Westminster City Council. Our application and supporting documents can be found by searching the application’s reference, 20/03062/FULL, on the Westminster City Council planning portal or by clicking here.

We remain committed to an ongoing dialogue with our neighbours and if you would like to get in contact please email us at 90LongAcre@kandaconsulting.co.uk or call 0203 900 3676.


Further information as our proposals progress will be posted on this website.

In the meantime, if you would like to get in contact please email us at 90LongAcre@kandaconsulting.co.uk or call 0203 900 3676.